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We help you build a cherished career!

We do our best to provide reliable support and help you find your dream job in a dream company. It doesn't matter whether you want to find permanent employment, or a temporary job, what position you want to take - we will help you find a decent option in the best Virginia maritime companies.

We do a lot of work with applicants and help them achieve their goals, build excellent careers and find comfortable work conditions.

Join us at 1st American Welders and we will help you get your dream job with a company you will be proud to work with.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Does 1st American Welders specialize in any particular industries?

    We’ve chosen to work with maritime and construction companies in the Virginia area.

  • How do you find candidates?

    We constantly monitor the market and go to job fairs to connect with talents, adding their resumes to our database. Thus, at any moment of your appeal, we already have something to offer you.

  • How do you determine if a candidate fits a particular employer?

    We evaluate not only the technical skills of our talents but also their ability to communicate with people and fit into the team. The more you discuss your company and the job position you want to be filled, the easier it will be for us to find “that very fitting employee”.

  • Can I submit a request online?

    Sure. You can leave your contacts, and we will contact you to clarify all the details of the open vacancy. Feel free to email us anytime.

  • How quickly can you respond to my request? What if I’m in an emergency?

    At 1st American Welders, we aim to place personnel carefully, checking the talent at each stage. Hasty recruiting is fraught with mistakes for your business, so don't expect that a new employee will come to his new workplace tomorrow. We will however respond to your request via email within 24 hours. If you need a faster response you can call us directly during normal work hours. 
    On average, the recruitment process takes about 2 weeks. If you have an urgent request, we will certainly consider it and will do our best, but you shouldn’t hope for a super-fast result if you don’t want to lose more than you gain.

  • What if I’m dissatisfied with a candidate?

    We aim to make the hiring of candidates unmistakable. This is thanks to our multi-stage screening and several interviews. However, if you are not satisfied with the employee we have selected, reach out to your contact person at 1st American Welders and we will offer other talents who we’ve considered earlier.

Our Recruiting Process


When we receive a request from an employer to fill a position, we find out all the details and form a vacancy on our website. All applicants can send their CVs, and we will select the most relevant ones, including those in our database.



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