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We Provide Quality Journeymen in Virginia

We connect maritime and construction companies with quality artisans who can get your projects done with an amazing end result. 

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For Employers

Finding new talented employees can be difficult, especially when there are clear deadlines and a need for the job to be done right. 1st American Welders is ready to connect you with vetted professionals for your next project.
We take into account all the skillset you will need and are able to conduct connections, as we are fully aware of the context and the necessary terminology. 1st American Welders is the place to get talent without the hassle. 


Contract Hire

Find employees for seasonal, or project-driven work, thus reducing costs. When you work with contract personnel, you are billed only for hours worked, and the contract can be terminated at your wish. 


Permanent Hire

When hiring permanent staff, there’s no room for error. The chosen talent should have the proper experience, skills, and attitude for the job, and they fit into your corporate culture and microclimate.

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For Employees

We do our best to provide reliable support and help you find your dream job in a dream company. It doesn't matter whether you want to find permanent employment, or a temporary job, what position you want to take - we will help you find a decent option in the best Virginia maritime companies.
We do a lot of work with applicants and help them achieve their goals, build excellent careers and find comfortable work conditions. 
Join us at 1st American Welders and we will help you get your dream job with a company you will be proud to work with.


Temporary Projects

If you don't want to bind yourself with long-term obligations with one employer, we can offer you temporary vacancies. You can get experience, familiarity with the company’s culture, and move on or decide to stay.


Permanent Employment

We help to find permanent jobs for specialists with various skills. To this end, we communicate not only with employers but also with applicants, identify their needs and key requirements for the future workplace.

Our Recruiting Process

Designing a product is not easy at all. However, we do accept this challenge. We follow your instructions to deliver services of the highest quality. In general, it takes 6 steps to create the product that perfectly suits your requirements:


When we receive a request from an employer to fill a position, we find out all the details and form a vacancy on our website. All applicants can send their CVs, and we will select the most relevant ones, including those in our database.



Primary Interview


Background check

Technical Interview

Job Offer

In need of a Job or an Employee?

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For Employers

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For Candidates

Our Philosophy

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We understand that the process of finding a great job or a talented employee can be very difficult and time-consuming. The cost of an error in this area is the wasted weeks (or even months) of your life and tens of thousands of dollars for an employer.
We believe that for each employee there is an ideal workplace, and for each company, there is an employee with extensive experience and respect for the values ​​of the company. Our recruitment process takes a lot of time, but we are proud of our results because it connects real talents with quality companies throughout the Virginia Area.

What makes 1st American Welders different?

    We work only in only with maritime companies. As a result, we have extensive experience in the field to guarantee quality results.
    We are constantly working on improving our system and networking to build more meaningful connections we all can benefit from.
    Thanks to our process of vetting our team and talents we ensure that when you bring the success of your project to 1st American Welders we can deliver quality talents.


Regardless of whether you are looking for a job or a new employee, you can always use our services. Fill out the form and we will contact you back soon!


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